This Week's Recap for 6/20-6/26

Hi friends,
It hasn’t been that long but it feels like ages since we last spoke over email. How have you been? I’ve certainly been busy working on things.

I’ve been working on building something new for quite some time, and I’m happy to say it’s finally ready. In fact, you’re looking at it. This is my brand new mailing list! (Pretty cool, right?) I’ve been working hard on this, mainly because sending out emails is pretty hard, especially to the scale I’m doing it at.

The folks at Mailchimp are hosting this list. I stand by their privacy and anti-spam policies. My privacy policy will be updated accordingly within the coming weeks. The Revue newsletter I’ve hosted up until this point will become inactive.

With all those little updates out of the way, let’s get into this week’s recap:

New Blog Posts:

  • As reported by Nintendo Life, the Wii U (nope, not a typo) is getting a new game in July.

  • Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2, the remake made by Vicarious Visions – the studio located very close to where I live – is now available on Nintendo Switch! (I’m very excited for this!!)

  • Apple has (finally) released Developer Beta 2 of iOS/iPadOS 15! I have it installed and am testing it out, but 9to5Mac has a great write up of all the new features.

Signing off…

And that’s it! Thanks for reading, as always. And thanks for going with the flow as I’ve started building this new space for us to chat. It’s very much appreciated!

All the best,
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