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** The Bulletin ** February 26, 2022

hello you,

so much has changed since we last spoke in December (sorry!) I hope this email can be an escape from the wild stuff for even just a moment… (I’ll still be mentioning the serious stuff, but it’ll be clearly marked towards the end of this email so you can skip over it, I promise!)

I really hope you’ve been well, all things considered. I’ll be the first to admit I’ve been pretty stressed out and a ball of anxiety. earlier this month (on the night of the Super Bowl), I tested positive for COVID-19 which sucked. (I had already been presumed positive two days prior and had been isolating. thankfully I just missed the window of exposing my grandparents, sparing them from the awful time that whole thing was. I have since recovered and am healthy once more! yay for being vaccinated!

also, I apologize for not dropping in more often. obviously I’ve been pretty overwhelmed (and definitely need a break eventually… but I think I’ll be speaking more here as time progresses. I enjoy writing these things up because 1) I love communicating with y’all and 2) I love sharing what I’m working on in a place that’s a lot less intense than social media. this feels old school in a good way 🙂

anyways, enough of that… lots has been going on around here that I just wanted to talk about!

New Website, New Blog

I redesigned my website, giving it a fresh coat of paint and new lease on life. I wasn’t initially sure how I wanted it to look but I think it’s perfect now. little tweaks here and there over time will make it even better. I even redesigned my blog, which is pretty cool, and I finally feel an incentive to start writing again. So that’s pretty cool.

oh, and I took the extra step to combine my website and blog into one. no more blog.sladewatkins.com, it’s all on one name. pretty epic!

YouTube launch

I finally did it… after saying I was going to for months, I finally launched my channel on YouTube with a video essay regarding the impending closure of the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U eShops next year.

Blog Posts

there are a few new blog posts I recommend checking out! (oh, and a really long story time on Tumblr about my first ankle injury, too! I also posted an abridged version of the story to my blog if you just want the TL:DR.)

Now, for the serious stuff

I’ve released an official statement on the events in Ukraine, which is linked below (resize by clicking/tapping on the image.) the situation is absolutely heartbreaking.

Слава Україні! (Slava Ukraini!) (Glory to Ukraine!) 💙💛


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