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** The Bulletin ** March 6, 2022

hi there,
something happened on Saturday morning, and I just had to drop you a quick note about it. some of you might be familiar with my history in the gaming news history. a long time ago, I used to run a blog called Plinko, it was focused on news in the gaming industry and also my thoughts on some games. pretty basic-level reporting.

well, I later rebranded that to Kakariko Herald as I took a more Nintendo-centric approach (since I’m definitely a Nintendo gamer.) since then, Kakariko Herald has had brief on and off stints. a lot of the reason I was never able to really keep up with it was because of high school.

this sucked, because I ended up wanting to be a games journalist anyway… and I was too young to get my foot in the door. well… no longer. I’m getting my foot in the door, and I’m making a name for myself. with some self-encouragement, I’ve decided to just wing it, and launch Kakariko Herald again. it’s a 2 person team for now, with the second person being a friend of mine who has volunteered some time to update the site in Australia while I work on it here in the US.

the relaunch was pretty sudden too. I was hesitant, but ended up waking up after having a dream of it being successful, and immediately got up and ran to my desk. told Tyson we were launching that day, and we did. seriously. I even quickly wrote up a “we’re back” post, haha.

this is a passion project of mine, and I have a strong desire (and want) to do this full-time. I am grateful, so very grateful, that one of my friends is volunteering a bit of his time to ease some pressure on me to update the site regularly as I have to deal with the administrative side from time-to-time too, but this is going to take a lot out of me.

some of you may not know I have a Patreon page, because I never talk about it (mainly because I feel kinda selfish asking for help making things like this what I do full time). but, over there (starting this month) you’ll get exclusive letters like this one/writing pieces I’m working on, exclusive blog posts on too… OH! AND early access to videos I’m preparing for YouTube (which I relaunched in February and intend to maintain a semi-regular cadence with). while videos are certainly not 100% my priority, I do have some fun series planned for 2022 that I look forward to making yours.


I hope that you’ll come along for the ride over at Kakariko Herald, if that’s your jam. I sincerely appreciate you all, whether you’re just lurking on this list, support on Patreon, read the site, etc. Your support in any capacity means the world to me 💛

all the best to you,

Read the “we’re back” letter

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