Time for an expedition!

** The Bulletin ** July 29, 2022

Good morning,

It’s early for me… I’m not usually awake and writing at this hour, but here I am! My grandpa’s dog, Lucy, woke me up very early this morning. She’s just so much dog… Anyways. You haven’t missed much since I last wrote you, I can promise you that. Well — you have, but that’s a story for another email. Perhaps after the weekend. I just wanted to check-in beforehand.

I’m about to go on a little expedition: I’m spending the whole weekend with friends! There’ll be a ton of us meeting up on Saturday (though, I’m going a day early and staying a day later to repair my friend’s laptop) and I am absolutely excited. It looks like the weather is going to hold up so it’ll be a nice time. There are even some folks who I’ve never been able to meet because of COVID shutting school down and what-have-you, but my other friends have already, so I’m looking forward to that too! It’ll be a nice little getaway!

I revised my website a bit, did some reorganizing, some other tweaks to the font sizes and looks of things. It even responds to your device’s settings for light/dark mode now! (Yeah, I went the extra mile for that!) Be sure to let me know what you think of how everything looks and feels and whatever. It has been fun rebuilding this thing from scratch and doing things I’ve always wanted to do with my own space, just for fun!

Anyways, that’s it from me. Have a wonderful weekend. We’ll catch up again soon.


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