I’m an indecisive mess

I got to thinking… I’m an indecisive mess.

I don’t know what type of phone I want to use – dumb phone, smart phone, Android phone, iOS phone – I don’t know what operating system I want to use. I’ve used probably every type of device, and while I do have preferences, I almost never stick with anything for more than a couple weeks. That annoys people, I get it, but I like to try everything. And sometimes I find new things that fit into the workflow.

This sort of thing annoys my brain too. I feel conflicted about everything. That’s not great for me, because all of a sudden – in the middle of the day – I’ll just decide to switch a SIM card to a different phone or reinstall the OS on my computer.

Is it fun? Yes.

Is it, at the same exact time, stressful? Oh yeah.

Will I keep doing it? Probably.

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