Google I/O 2023: Hello, you two!

Required Legal Disclosure: I am part of the invite-only Pixel Superfans program at Google. I may receive exclusive information or free products/services as part of my participation. This post is NOT sponsored by Google, however.

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And just like that, Pixel expands into TWO new market categories. Foldables & Tablets. I’m excited about what this means for those segments–because right now, foldables/tablets in the Android space have either been dominated by Samsung or… Amazon (sort of).

Having used Google’s hardware and software for the past year, I can say I prefer their approach to design and functionality on all fronts! We’re also getting new customization features on Android which is also exciting! Those start rolling out to Pixel devices first next month, and into the fall.

More deets…

I have to say… never seen either kind of Android device look so good! It’s definitely the software that sets both of these apart from the Samsung devices of the world… The future is bright!

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