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** The Bulletin ** May 29, 2023

Hey everyone,

It has been a hot minute since I last wrote you. I’m sorry I let it go this long without some sort of update! To make up for it, let’s take just a few minutes to catch up on what’s new in my orbit.

Redesigned website

Wanted to include a quick blurb in here about my website. It was recently redesigned to look like a late 90s/early 00s webpage, but still be accessible to people on mobile and modern browsers… And, I was even able to finally put my high school grad speech back up, too. Check it out if you have a sec!

Introducing blogs.sladewatkins.com!

I’m very excited to announce that blogs.sladewatkins.com is now available to read. This new approach contains “subsections” pertaining to all the topics I might find my self writing about. We’re starting with three, with a fourth on the way (we’ll come back to that in a sec): The Journal, The Island of Wayside, and the Writing Corner.

Most notable new stuff from my Journal

As usual, links are underlined! 🙂

  • Almost a year with the Pixel 6 as my daily driver, and it’s driving me bonkers. I couldn’t in good faith take it with me on a mini-camping trip, so I didn’t. I took my newer (to me) iPhone 12 instead. (Disclaimer: Apple gave me the iPhone 12 for free.)

  • I also took a moment to announce several new and exciting things coming from me by July of this year!

  • I wrote up a rant about how RCS is the future of messaging and isn’t a Google product. The green bubble debate must die.

  • And finally, I hinted about going on a couple trips before/after my 21st birthday to visit some people within my inner circle. I’m very excited, because the last time I travelled was with my best friend to North Carolina in 2021. I’m long overdue for a little escape from home!

New reporting from me

I’m going to be increasing my independent journalism output on Substack soon, alongside my other updates. Join me there! With that said…

New social media platforms

Since we last spoke, I’ve joined some new social media platforms, including Mastodon. Here’s the list for you!

If those aren’t your preferred platform and/or you’d like to find me somewhere else, my Linktree contains a full list of every account I maintain across the web! Pick your favourite!

Tap to go: linktr.ee/sladewatkins

And that’s it for updates! I’ll be reaching out again sooner than I did last time, I promise.

Have a wonderful evening,


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