I’m excited for something

I was thinking about this earlier, but I am super excited for what’s to come in the next few months. Not only is my 21st birthday coming up, but there’s a chance I may be taking a fun trip or two around that time, too! I can’t share more, I wish I could, but let’s just say I’m really looking forward to it!

The only hint I will give you is that it may or may not involve getting to visit some people and grow my inner circle. If that sounds familiar, well… if you know, you know!

I haven’t travelled since 2021, when I went to North Carolina with SwitzVP along with her boyfriend and their friends. It has been long overdue for me to get out of my hometown for a bit, and I’m looking forward to making it happen, as the potential for it happening has only continued to increase by the day!

Keep your fingers crossed for me!

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