Sick of being sick

Was meant to have enjoyed a little two-and-a-half day vacation this past weekend, but instead, I ended up needing to go home early due to not feeling well. A couple days later, whatever this is moved from my nose to my throat and chest. Which is… “great.”

I’ve only gotten worse — and I’m starting to sound like Roz from Monsters Inc.

This has progressed to a point where I’m just so sick of being sick. Every time I cough, it’s a coin toss whether or not it’ll trigger a really awful coughing fit.

I still dunno what it is, either. Could be COVID (which I haven’t had since February 2022), or an upper respiratory infection (which is going around in my community). Rest and hydration are the best medicine at the moment. Nothing else touches it.

Here’s hoping I get better soon and it’s not a sign of anything serious!

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