This package should’ve been here by now

It was time for a new phone case, specifically for my Pixel. I asked my dad to get me a red one (because red is my favourite colour), and he did… last Wednesday. Interestingly, the screen protectors for my iPhone came, but the case for my Pixel did not, despite being ordered and slated for similar delivery times (last Friday for the screen protectors, last Saturday for the case).

Turns out, for whatever reason, the case was “delayed” with no explanations given on why. Thanks, Amazon! It hadn’t even shipped out yet, despite being an Amazon Prime item. Fast forward to Monday, when my dad says he’s just going to cancel it and reorder, when all of a sudden, after attempting to cancel, it updates to show that it has shipped and left the facility in Connecticut (CT).

I’m one of those people you cannot trust without a case or a warranty. It’s not that I’m abusive to my technology — not by any means — I’m just unlucky. It’s just better to have a backup plan. So needless to say, not having a case causes some massive anxiety for me, especially because I was using my Pixel as my primary phone up ’til then. (I am currently on an iPhone.)

Unfortunately, its status has read as “departed” the CT facility since yesterday. Whoever the shipping partner is, whether it’s Amazon or some contractor, really screwed up. It should’ve been here by now. The screen protectors were shipped from the very same facility and got here fine. (They’re sitting next to me right now as I write this.)

So… I wonder what on earth happened here. Someone’s to blame, clearly. Hopefully it lands here before the weekend, I’ve got a lot of fun things going on, and not having my primary phone or a case for it is going to suck… *sigh*

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