My WWDC24 Wishlist

I usually make one of these every year, so with less than two weeks’ time left to go before Dub-Dub, how about I share what I’m wishing for? Keep in mind, this is all from the perspective of an Android user.

  • A nice design refresh for iOS/iPadOS 18 — bring it more in line with the rest of the OS family! Both have felt more or less the same, or similar, since iOS 7. Shake it up!
  • macOS Big Sur and later icons on iOS, PLEASE. iOS needs to feel less bland and flat.
  • macOS 15 should be improvements focused, don’t cram too much new stuff in. Make battery and other performance improvements. Double down and do some summer cleaning!
  • watchOS 11 could do with some improvements too. Battery improvements on older models, especially…

If there’s anything else, I’ll update this… but I don’t really care about the other platforms so much. So this what I really, really want! I’m watching the events with a friend on event day, and I couldn’t be more excited! Love WWDC, favourite time of the year!