Why on Earth Does the Pop!_Shop Hide Updates?

I have moved a machine from Windows to Pop!_OS, something that has been nearly a year in the making. The last time I used the Pop!_Shop on Pop!_OS, there were a couple tabs for Home – Updates – and a Search button. Now, they’ve replaced those with a search box.

Where did these go, System76? It took me, an enthusiast user, five minutes to find where you’ve shoved the updates tab. Something I needed almost immediately because ISOs aren’t up-to-date copies of an operating system took me forever to find.

It’s fine, of course, but it could be so much better if there was a clear place to go for updates again. Just one button to push and get everything.

In my experience: Pop!_Shop isn’t great about automatically updating packages, or the kernel, when updates are available so manual updates are still necessary. System76, please make improvements to the Pop!_Shop. It’s a great piece of software and it deserves to become even better!