Friend of The Blog Riley Testut Talks to 9to5Mac about Alternative App Stores

Friend of the blog Riley Testut recently joined 9to5Mac Overtime to discuss iOS 17.4’s new sideloading capabilities and support for “alternative app marketplaces” now that the March deadline for complying with the EU’s Digital Markets Act is drawing nearer. I highly recommend giving this a listen wherever you get your podcasts (or the embed above!)

For those who don’t know, Riley Testut is the creator of both the Delta emulator and AltStore, the latter of which allows users to sideload apps onto their iOS devices with just an Apple ID associated with the free tier of the Apple Developer Program.

I really don’t think 9to5Mac could have picked a better guest to talk about this with!

(Disclosure: As mentioned, Riley Testut is a friend of the blog, has given me access to the TestFlight version of Delta, and is one of the people I look up to in the developer and tech communities! I honestly and truly consider him a mentor.)