Google has announced that Manifest v2 will be phased out, and Manifest v3 will be phased in, beginning 3rd June (next week). The company notes in their blog post what will happen for those still running v2 extensions:

Starting on June 3 on the Chrome Beta, Dev and Canary channels, if users still have Manifest V2 extensions installed, some will start to see a warning banner when visiting their extension management page – chrome://extensions – informing them that some (Manifest V2) extensions they have installed will soon no longer be supported. At the same time, extensions with the Featured badge that are still using Manifest V2 will lose their badge.

This will be followed gradually in the coming months by the disabling of those extensions. Users will be directed to the Chrome Web Store, where they will be recommended Manifest V3 alternatives for their disabled extension. For a short time after the extensions are disabled, users will still be able to turn their Manifest V2 extensions back on, but over time, this toggle will go away as well.

As The Verge noted in a previous article, this move has been deeply unpopular due to its hits to privacy. Additionally, Mozilla Firefox will be adopting most of the Manifest v3 spec, but will still support the features that v3 removes.

My suggestion is to just switch to Firefox or WebKit-based browser like GNOME Web, and stop using Chromium based browsers, honestly. Google makes dumb decisions with their browser engine.