From 9to5Google:

“While VPN by Google One is going away next month, the company will continue to offer a virtual private network for Pixel owners. Ahead of that, the service is now called ‘Pixel VPN by Google.’ […]

That new version shown in those screenshots is not yet available, so Pixel 8+ owners should also expect an update. Meanwhile, VPN by Google One is installed on a 7 Pro running Android 14 QPR3 Beta 2.2, but there’s an account error when attempting to enable it.

We’re presumably waiting for that app or stable system update.”

Check out the article to see the screenshots of the app listing on the Play Store.

Listen, I personally believe they should enable this feature on Pixel 6 and later, and even Pixel Tablet. It’s possible for them to do, and frankly, they should. Especially with how they’re marketing the service to users.

That’s just my take, though.