Linus Torvalds Thinks That’s A Bad Idea, By The Way

Linus writes on LKML:

“I don’t want to see a single eventfs patch that doesn’t have a real
bug report associated with it. And the next time I see you copying VFS
functions (or any other core functions) without udnerstanding [sic] what the
f*ck [sic] they do, and why they do it, I’m going to put you in my
spam-filter for a week.

I’m done. I’m really *really* tired of having to look at eventfs garbage.”

You can read the original patch submission at this link, if you’re technically inclined enough to understand it. Truth is, I’m only sharing this as a Linklog because I haven’t seen Linus Torvalds this angry in a very long time. Swearing included.