Please Don’t Follow “How To Make Your Android Phone Feel Way Faster” Tutorials

Scrolling on YouTube, I came across this Short from creator Parker Burton on how to make an Android device feel “way faster.” The method involves unlocking developer options and changing the window, animation, and transition scales from 1x to .5x.

For whatever reason, Parker Burton doesn’t show what this reduced animation scaling looks like in the Short, but another creator did a video comparing them on One UI:

Truth is: while this will make it seem “way faster,” it can have other side effects on certain devices, as it’s not really a good substitute to Apple’s “Reduce Motion” accessibility setting. In my experience, it can make Google Messages experience technical issues displaying videos or animated emojis, and apps like Facebook and Twitter also have issues (the latter especially on the latest release).

My advice to readers is this: don’t follow these tutorials. Instead, just clear up the storage on your device–and don’t have too much running in the background. Also stay up to date with the latest patches from your vendor in case one of those updates includes performance improvements!