News / Splatfest: SpringFest is taking place on the 20th of April!

The has been officially confirmed now for April 20th!

From April 20th at 1am BST to April 22nd at 1am BST, splat it out for one of these teams:

Baby Chicks, Li’l Bunnies or Bear Cubs.

Also, be sure to be on your lookout for SpringFest gear via the News app on your Switch. Nintendo has started distributing gear for it in Japan, not sure about other regions yet.

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— Splatoon Unofficial :inkling: 🍉 (@[email protected]) 2024-04-05T10:47:58.195Z

Splatoon 3’s latest Splatfest will see Baby Chicks, Li’l Bunnies, and Bear Cubs facing off to see which one’s the (cutest) fan favourite. Japan will be participating this time round, so the Splatfest will be taking place globally once more.