“Switch 2” to Have 8-inch LCD Screen, Says Analyst Hiroshi Hayase

As Bloomberg reports:

“The new device from the Kyoto-based games maker will be responsible for a doubling in shipments of so-called amusement displays in 2024, Hayase said in Tokyo on Friday. His research focuses on small and medium displays and he bases annual forecasts on checks with companies in the supply chain.”

If Hiroshi Hayase is to be believed, then Nintendo seems to be gearing up to potentially introduce the successor to its popular Nintendo Switch console. It will have an 8-inch LCD screen, with the OLED model to come at a later date after launch, similar to how Nintendo handled their Switch lineup. Additionally, data from this analyst would suggest that the company plans to ship 10 million or more units of its next-gen console in the first fiscal year.

According to Bloomberg, the Switch has now shipped 132 million units.

And worth noting, a spokesperson for Nintendo told Bloomberg they “had nothing to comment on” when asked by the publication for comment on their report.